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Seen by thousands of fans every time he performs, Lee Turner is no stranger to the big stage. For the last ten years Lee’s been known as the guy with the big smile behind the keyboard, piano, accordion and acoustic guitar for Darius Rucker as he’s toured worldwide.


Relaxing, Cozy, Clean & Professional...

This is a new space and a new day for 2Twenty2 Studio, but recording is nothing new for me.  I’ve recorded singers, songwriters and musicians from all over the world to produce many independent albums, demos and help make dreams come true. 




Music recorded with a purpose.  I pull from my years of personal and professional experiences, what works and what doesn’t.  I will share my knowledge from my time as a music educator, arranger, performer and singer to help give you something you will be proud of.  I want you to be comfortable knowing that you are getting the best musicians and treatment for your songs. You will be able to walk away with an amazing experience and a product that will compete in todays market!




A studio is not something unique to Nashville, but choosing the right one is a real concern when spending your hard earned cash for a session or album.  You should consider the sound, equipment and the people you’re going to be creating with.  The cool part about this studio is the equipment and people.  Here at 2Twenty2.studio everything is set up, plugged in and ready to go!!! We are a full service recording studio, allowing everyone to play together at one time, creating a magic and a vibe that you just don’t get recording part, by part, by part… Let’s take a look at what is here in the studio.




  • Drums - We have an amazing Gretsch USA kit with killer Craviotto snare drums & two cymbal packages to choose from. No set up or tear down! Drummers Love it!!!

  • Bass - Plug in and play thru a Universal Audio Solo 610. Easy.

  • Guitar - Right now we have a ValveTrain Charleston and a Bennington Reverb amps plugged into a 1x12 and or 2x10 cab. Mic’d up with Cascade Ribbon mics- ready to go. Still want to bring your own rig? Cool, come on with it!

  • Keys - We’ve got a Piano, B3 and Leslie, Yamaha Motif, Nord Stage 2, and Roland JD-Xi to choose from. These are all mic’d up, plugged up and ready to go! We are also in the process of acquiring a Whirly.

  • Vocals - I’ve got water, lemon and tea with honey. You bring the sweetness of your voice. Lewitt 550, Neumann U87 or a Blue Kiwi mic is going to capture your performance very nicely. (Other cheap ass mic’s available upon request - HA!)

  • Headphone Mixes - 8 Hear back boxes. (Why is this important?) I’ve been told I have some of the best headphone mixes. I’m a musician myself and know how important it is to hear well. Good headphone mixes = good songs




Pre-Production - When you book your session, you will meet with me days before and do what we call pre-production. This is quality time spent nailing down the song. Tempo, key and feel are addressed, and a Nashville number chart is written for the musicians to follow.

Session Day - Here come the musicians! When we say we are starting, we are starting, get ready! You will find that the musicians here will waste no time delivering your song. Great detail will go into each song, but with pre-production work taken care of, they can concentrate on getting the best performance quickly. 



Vocals - This is undeniably the most important part. These take a little time to ensure that the song comes out sounding the best.   Background Vocals are also very important. We can hire great singers to give it that pro sound.

Mix down - Want it to sound amazing? Of course you do! Here is where I spend my time making it sound great. I put great effort into tightening up places and tuning up vocals, all part of a great mix. Mixing hours and time for changes will also be factored into the cost of the project.



Keyboard Tracks

I would love to play on your song or project!!! But maybe you don’t live here. Maybe you already have a great track and just need keys?   Maybe you are too stretched for time to make the drive! (Haha) BOOK ME! Send me a stereo mix of your song and I send you back finished files that drop right into your project. It’s easy!!!

I can record Piano, Hammond B3, Rhodes, Whirly, EDM stuff, pads, strings, accordion, and loops. Check out this great string arrangement that starts with a simple piano, textured whirly, pizzicato strings turning into a full string ensemble that builds throughout the song.




Many of us have the ability to record at home, but that doesn’t mean we are all good mix engineers.  

Maybe you are struggling with your mix and could use help. I would love to help! You send me your wav files and let me get to work. I will send you back my version of the mix. Your input is always welcome.  


Real Piano…Let’s talk.   

You have your own place, and your keyboard sample of a piano is not cutting it. Well, send me a midi file, I’ll run it through my real Yamaha MIDI piano with its cutting edge Midi player (haha)…record it with great pair of DPA microphones, and send back to you a stereo wav file to drop into your mix. Bam! It’s that easy to get real piano on your songs. Now it will have that “thing” that it was missing.  

so what's it gonna cost?

The cost of a song/session/project is different for each artist. Click HERE for information about your next project!